MEMS Sensor Brings 2,000-inch Screen to Mobile Phone

Jul 22, 2009
Tsuneyuki Miyake, Nikkei Microdevices
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Usuda Research Institute & Systems Corp developed a module that enables mobile phone users to watch a 2,000-inch screen with their handsets.

The module was realized by a MEMS motion sensor and the company's proprietary software technology. It is intended exclusively for the "T-01A," one of the latest handsets released by NTT DoCoMo Inc.

The newly-developed module is based on the "intelligence sensor," which Usuda Research Institute & Systems developed for mobile phones. Equipped with MEMS acceleration and angular velocity sensors, it can detect movement.

By moving the handset equipped with the module in various directions, it is possible to watch a 2,000-inch screen with the 4.1-inch TFT display (wide VGA). (See related video 1, 2)

As an interface to a mobile phone, MicroUSB, which is incorporated in the T-01A, is used. The memory capacity required by the module was reduced to 170 Kbytes so that the software can be run on Windows Mobile 6.1, the T-01A's operating system. The processing speed of the handset's microprocessor is 1GHz.

The module can be controlled by the T-01A's touch panel. Also, it has a function to show images shot by the built-in camera in real time.