Sony's Blu-ray Recorders Transmit Purchased Content to Walkman, PSP

Mar 30, 2009
Yukiko Kanoh, Nikkei Electronics
The "BDZ-A950" (left) and the "BDZ-A750"
The "BDZ-A950" (left) and the "BDZ-A750"
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Sony Corp will launch two Blu-ray Disc recorders, the "BDZ-A950" and "BDZ-A750," that support "acTVila" video delivery service for digital TVs April 24, 2009, in Japan.

The BDZ-A950 is equipped with a 500-Gbyte built-in HDD, while the BDZ-A750 has a 320-Gbyte HDD. There is no suggested retail price, but street pricing is expected to be about ¥170,000 (approx US$1,757) and 140,000, respectively.

The new recorders allow users to export not only terrestrial digital/analog, BS digital and 110° CS digital broadcast programs that they recorded but also content they purchased through AcTVila Corp's "acTVila Video Download Sell" download service to Sony's portable music player "Walkman" and portable game console "PlayStation Portable (PSP)," etc.

It is also possible to export content from the recorders to compatible mobile phones if it is an analog broadcast program or other video that does not contain any copy protection signal, Sony said.

Among acTVila video delivery services, the recorders support "acTVila Video Full" video streaming service, "acTVila Video Download Rental," which allows users to store the content on an HDD and watch it only for a limited period of time, and "acTVila Video Download Sell," which allows users to view the content as many times as they like with no time limit.

In addition, the recorders have capabilities to prevent users from missing recording their favorite TV programs. For example, it is possible to search for relevant programs if users select the name of a performer that they are interested in and to automatically record programs that users would be fond of just by entering keywords. Recording can be programmed by using a mobile phones or PC.

Furthermore, the recorders allow users to view programs and photos recorded on their built-in HDDs in a different room if they are connected via LAN to a TV or PC compatible with Sony's "Sony Room Link." And they support "Bravia Link," which enables to make Sony's "Bravia" flat-panel TV operates together with devices connected to it via HDMI.

For other features of the BDZ-A950 and BDZ-A750, they are equipped with the "Creas" image processing LSI and two tuners for each of terrestrial digital broadcast and BS/110° CS digital broadcast.