LG Display to Launch RGB LED Backlight LCD for Notebook PCs

Sep 18, 2008
Nikkei Electronics Asia
17.1-Inch RGB LED Backlight LCD
17.1-Inch RGB LED Backlight LCD
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LG Display Co Ltd has begun mass production of 17.1-inch LCD panels for notebook PCs with RGB LED backlight technology. The RGB LED backlight technology uses LED lamps that emit three primary colors of red, green and blue. The color reproduction rate of the LCD with RGB LED backlight reaches up to 105%, offering 40% more colors and 30% better contrast ratio than conventional CCFL models.

In addition, the product is strengthened with more eco-friendly properties; for instance, it is mercury-free. Despite the superiority of the technology, RGB LED backlight technology has been commercialized only for LCD TVs and monitors until now, due to technical difficulties in mass production.

Mass production of the RGB LED backlight LCD for notebook PCs is expected to pave the way to speed up the spread of notebook PCs in professional computer graphics and PC game market segments.