Seiko Epson's LCD Panel Employed for Leica's Mirrorless Camera

Jul 6, 2014
Hideyoshi Kume, Nikkei Electronics
"Leica T" equipped with the external EVF
"Leica T" equipped with the external EVF
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Seiko Epson Corp announced July 3, 2014, that its LCD panel has been employed for the electronic view finder (EVF) of Leica Camera AG's "Leica T" mirrorless camera.

It is a high-temperature polycrystalline silicon (Si) TFT LCD panel whose size, resolution and pixel count are 0.48 inches, XGA (1,024 x RGB x 768) and about 2.36 million, respectively.

Leica T is a mirrorless camera released at the end of May 2014. The price of its main body is ¥220,000 (approx US$2,156, excluding tax). The small LCD panel was employed for an external EVF available as an accessory for the camera. The price of the EVF is ¥68,000 (excluding tax).