About the Japan Technology Report

May 30, 2014
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The Japan Technology Report is a new, English-language series of in-depth reports covering key topics in Japanese manufacturing technology and technology strategy. To date,detailed information on the Japanese manufacturing industry and its technologies was largely limited to and available only in the Japanese language,making this information highly inaccessible for firms overseas and those needing the information in English.

Based on interviews and research by the staff of Nikkei Business Publications,these cutting-edge and in-depth reports provide a wealth of English-language information on Japans manufacturing industry, key players, and breaking technologies.Here is the hard information you need to benchmark Japanese industry, or keep track of emerging technologies and applications.

With competition in the manufacturing industry intensifying throughout the global market and established leaders in the industrialized nations facing new competition from emerging economies,winning the technology competition by staying on top of change is crucial. Relevant information can support the effort to stay ahead of competition via new product development and improvements in quality,cost,and delivery (QCD).

Steadily evolving manufacturing technologies from Japan continue to lead in many sectors, as an example, the aluminum alloy case of Apple's iPhone is fabricated using Japanese machine tools,and is packed with components from Japanese manufacturers. Also,in many industries across the globe today, Japanese engineers provide technical training.

Despite how Japan's manufacturing technology and expertise are being absorbed and put to use by companies overseas, the fact remains that very little information about the technologies is accessible and available to the world. Until now, only a certain number of papers in society journals, etc., were available outside of Japan in the English language.

Nikkei BP presents the Japan Technology Report to answer this specific need by providing detailed coverage of Japan's advanced manufacturing technologies and technology srategies.

The most outstanding feature of the Japan Technology Report is the specialized and on-the-ground coverage. Nikkei BP journalists with deep experience in technical fields procure breaking information that offers insight into the mechanics of Japanese tech. Also,as a specialty publisher enjoying unparalleled trust from Japan's engineers,Nikkei BP publishes an extensive range of publications including Nikkei Automotive Technology, Nikkei Monozukuri, and Nikkei Electronics, all of which are packed with articles by about two hundred specialists with engineering degrees and hands-on experience in the field.

Authors probe deeply into the constituent technologies and expertise behind Japanese industry in diverse fields ranging from automotive to advanced technologies such as organic electronics, power semiconductors, sensors, and far beyond even to the underlying materials, fabrication, and molds. Japan Technology Report provides detailed coverage on Japanese industrial technology, technology strategy, and technology development, from the inside, presented in clear, concise English with informative visuals.

Nikkei Business Publications offers access for the world to all the technical information that Japan's manufacturing industry has to offer. Japan tech at your fingertips with Japan Technology Report.