[CES] Casio Links Sports Watch to iPhone

Jan 15, 2014
Tadashi Nakamichi, Nikkei Electronics
The "STB-1000"
The "STB-1000"
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Casio Computer Co Ltd exhibited a digital sports watch supporting Bluetooth low energy wireless technology in its booth at 2014 International CES, which took place from Jan 7 to 10, 2014, in Las Vegas, the US.

The watch, "Bluetooth Sports Gear STB-1000," is designed for joggers and cyclers and capable of displaying lap time, average speed, travel distance, etc. But the watch is not equipped with any sensor.

"The power consumptions of GPS, gyroscope and so forth are large," Casio said. "If the watch is equipped with them, its battery will not last long. So, we decided to use the sensors of an iPhone instead."

Many watch-like devices for use in sports are equipped with GPS. On the other hand, watches are required to run for several years with one battery cell. However, because the STB-1000 uses the sensors of the iPhone, it is necessary to carry the smartphone at the time of running, cycling, etc. If the phone is connected to a heart rate meter, the user's heart rate data can be transmitted to and displayed on the watch.

It is also possible to send control commands from the STB-1000 to the iPhone. For example, by pressing a designated button on the watch at two points, the elapsed time between the two points is recorded. And the stopwatch of the iPhone can be started and stopped by pressing a button on the STB-1000.

Furthermore, music being played at the time of running or cycling can be controlled with the STB-1000. And the watch has functions of receiving calls and e-mail as well as ringing the missing phone.

A smartphone application is used to assign commands to the buttons of the STB-1000. The watch will be released in March 2014 at a price of US$100 or less.