Futaba Revamps Exhaust Heat Recovery Unit for Hybrid Car

Dec 3, 2013
Motohiko Hamada, Nikkei Automotive Technology
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Futaba Industrial Co Ltd developed a new exhaust heat recovery unit and started production for Mazda Motor Corp's Mazda3 Hybrid.

An exhaust heat recovery unit facilitates warm-up of an engine by transferring the heat of exhaust gas to engine cooling water via a heat exchanger so that the engine stops more frequently to save fuel. Also, the heat transferred to the engine cooling water is used as a heat source of a heater.

Compared with Futaba's previous product, the new exhaust heat recovery unit, "Powerev," had an about 30% higher heat exchange performance, improving fuel efficiency and the performance of heater. Also, the company reduced the volume and mass of heat exchanger by about 50%.