[iPad Look-alike Teardown (2)] iRobot E7001 of Moonse (China)

Feb 4, 2011
Toshiyuki Omori, Nikkei Electronics

This article was first published in the Sept 6, 2010 edition of the Nikkei Electronics magazine. It was written based on the information available at that time.

Small version of iPad

The iRobot E7001 (APad) was developed by Moonse, a China-based company. It is one of the three iPad look-alikes we torn down this time and equipped with a 7-inch LCD panel.

The back cover of the slim tablet PC is made of an aluminum alloy like the iPad and looks more sophisticated than the plastic back cover of the M003.

Unlike the other two iPad look-alikes, the APad has a camera on its front side. As external interfaces, it is equipped with two Micro USB ports and a microSD card slot.

Because its front cover, which is embedded with a touch panel, is just fitted in the chassis, it can be removed by sheer force. The drive circuit of the LCD panel is formed on a substrate attached to the LCD panel module.

The main components of the APad including its microprocessor, DRAM and flash memory are embedded on one side of the main board. On the other side of the main board, there is an unused pattern, which is probably used to add flash memory. Also, it is equipped with an interface module printed with the characters "IGRS," which is a standard that is used in China for exchanging data among various electronic devices.

The chassis has two places in which a speaker can be installed, but only one speaker is installed probably for reducing costs.

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