Sharp Unveils Linux-based Ultra-compact Notebook PC (1)

Aug 28, 2009
Tomohisa Takei, Nikkei Electronics
Sharp's ultra-compact notebook PC, "PC-Z1," comes with a Linux-derived operating system.
Sharp's ultra-compact notebook PC, "PC-Z1," comes with a Linux-derived operating system.
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Sharp Corp announced an ultra-compact notebook PC, "PC-Z1," that uses "Ubuntu" Linux-derived operating system Aug 27, 2009.

The company developed the PC-Z1 in the aim of creating a product that can be used as handily as a mobile phone and has functions of a small notebook PC called netbook. It will be released under the new brand name of "NetWalker," which Sharp describes as "mobile Internet tool."

There is no manufacturer's suggested retail price, but the expected street price is about ¥45,000 (approx US$479).

"I sensed that it will sell well as a product of an unprecedented genre," said Masafumi Matsumoto, executive vice president of Sharp. "I expect that it will be the first blockbuster product in a while."

As advantages over netbooks, Sharp stresses four characteristics of the PC-Z1; they are pocketable size, quick boot-up time, long battery life and usability. It measures 161.4 (W) x 108.7 (D) x 24.8mm (H) and weighs 409g. The boot time is about three seconds, and the battery life is about 10 hours.

A 5-inch touch-sensitive LCD panel is used for the display. The resolution is 1,024 x 600, and the touch panel is a pressure-sensitive type. The key pitch on the QWERTY keyboard is about 14mm so that the keys can easily be typed with two hands.

As for other input devices, an optical pointing device that detects finger movement, a click button, the "Quick Start Button," which launches an application, and so forth are placed on the upper part of the keyboard.

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