Panasonic Develops 85-Inch Full HD Plasma Display for Professional Users

Jun 22, 2009
Nikkei Electronics Asia
85-Inch Full HD Plasma Display (left) and 42-Inch Full HD Plasma Display (current model)
85-Inch Full HD Plasma Display (left) and 42-Inch Full HD Plasma Display (current model)
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Panasonic has announced an 85-inch Full HD plasma display for professional users. The product is designed based on the company's know-how in producing large-size panels, cultivated with its 103-inch PDP development.

Having a screen size equivalent to four 42-inch panels, the product incorporates the company's NeoPDP energy-efficient, double luminance technology. In addition, the display is claimed to achieve the world's highest picture resolution of 1,080 lines and a contrast ratio of 40,000:1 (max 2,000,000:1). With a viewing area of 1,889 (W) x 1,062mm (H), about the same size as commonly-used projection screens, the product is big enough to show a person in full size when installed vertically. The display measures only 99mm in thickness.

The plasma display offers many convenient features for professional uses. With LAN (PJLink) terminals, it supports LAN control that enables connection with other PJLink compatible imaging systems as well as remote control of the display and input signal check. The display also features the company's own Function Slots that let users add up to three different terminal boards such as DVI and Dual Link HD-SDI, according to their needs.

Shipment of the 85-inch Full HD display will start this fall.