LG Display Unveils 'Thinnest' LCD TV Panel

May 19, 2009
Nikkei Electronics Asia
5.9mm-Thick LCD Panel
5.9mm-Thick LCD Panel
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LG Display Co Ltd has developed what it claims are the world's thinnest 42- and 47-inch LCD TV panels. Employing the company's edge-lit LED (light emitting diode) backlight system, these LCD TV panels realize a panel thickness of 5.9mm.

The company's proprietary LGS (light guide sheet) technology enabled the company to reduce the thickness of the light guide plate (LGP) by more than half. LGP changes the direction of light beams. In addition, the 42- and 47-inch LCD TV panels weigh in at a mere 6.1kg and 7.3kg each, about 50% lighter than the same size of conventional CCFL-backlit product.

The displays can reproduce a rich range of natural-looking colors with color saturation level of 80% (NTSC). The panels feature the company's 120Hz technology with a motion picture response time (MPRT) of 8ms, eliminating motion blur and boasting full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.