Hynix Introduces 7Gbps, 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM

Nov 27, 2008
Nikkei Electronics Asia
Hynix's 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM
Hynix's 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM
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Hynix Semiconductor Inc of Korea has developed what it said is the industry's first and fastest 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM.

Built on the company's 54nm process technology, the 1Gb GDDR5 is said to operate at the fastest speed of 7Gbps. This represents an improvement of 40% compared to 5Gbps GDDR5. The graphics DRAM processes up to 28Gbyte of data per second with a 32-bit I/O. In addition to its improved speed, the product is also designed to minimize power consumption at 1.35V power supply. Such features make the DRAM suitable for use in high-end applications, such as game PCs, game consoles and graphic cards.

The 1Gb GDDR5 graphics DRAM meets JEDEC standard. Volume production is expected to start in the first half of next year.