Epson Imaging Develops 4-inch Wide View, Wide Color Range LCD Panel

Aug 27, 2008
Masao Oonishi, Nikkei Microdevices

Epson Imaging Devices Corp developed a 4-inch LCD panel with horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 160° and a color range extending to 94% of the Adobe RGB color gamut.

Its pixel count is 640 x 480 (VGA). The LCD panel will be mounted on the "P-6000" and "P-7000" photo viewers, which Seiko Epson Corp will start marketing from Sept 4, 2008.

Adobe RGB ratio boosted

Using a low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT, the panel realizes a definition of about 200ppi.

Epson Imaging combined its "Photo Fine Chromarich" technology that realizes a wide color range using red (R), yellow green (YG), blue (B) and emerald green (EG) filters with "Photo Fine Vistarich," a wide viewing angle technology. Dubbing the combined technology "Photo Fine Premia," the company will use the panel for viewers, mobile phones, automotive devices and digital cameras. The company is considering selling the LCD panel to external firms as well, it said.

The predecessor photo viewer, "P-5000," featured a 4-inch LCD panel based on "Photo Fine Chromarich" technology and realized an Adobe RGB ratio of 88%.

Photo viewers operate faster

The "P-7000" and "P-6000" photo viewers have increased the capacities of their hard disc drives (HDDs). The "P-7000" features a 160-Gbyte HDD, while the "P-6000" is embedded with an 80-Gbyte HDD. RAW data of roughly 9,000 digital camera shots at 10-Mpixel resolution can be stored in the 160-Gbyte model.

The photo viewers are equipped with an SD memory card slot, a CF card slot (Type II), two USB2.0 Hi-Speed ports and some other interfaces. It takes only about 1.5 seconds to display a 10-Mpixel JPEG file, 100 seconds to read data from a 1-Gbyte high-speed CF card and 125 seconds to read data from a 1-Gbyte SD card. Data transmission to a PC takes about 45 seconds.

The battery pack allows about 75 copies from a CF card, 70 copies from an SD card, or continuous playback of MPEG4 video for approximately three hours, when fully charged.