Samsung Introduces 8 New TVs

Aug 25, 2008
Masao Oonishi, Nikkei Microdevices
The 44.4mm thick "PAVV Bordeaux 850"
The 44.4mm thick "PAVV Bordeaux 850"
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The sub remote controller with selected functions
The sub remote controller with selected functions
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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd announced five LCD TVs (including a 44.4mm slim model) and three (63-, 58- and 50-inch) plasma TVs targeting the second half of 2008.

The models are aimed at expanding the use of LED backlights and reducing environmental loads, according to the company. They are positioned as strategic products that help the company continue to hold its largest share in the global market, Samsung said.

Advanced slimness and operability

The "PAVV Bordeaux 850" is a 44.4mm slim LCD TV. Its screen size can be chosen from 46- and 52-inch. It is part of the series dubbed "Crystal Slim" with design sophisticated through the addition of a unique pattern to the bezel, Samsung said. Its thickness is less than half the 105mm of the previous model.

A sub remote controller comes up with the main remote controller. The sub remote controller features simple design and higher operability with functions limited to frequently-used ones such as power supply, channel and volume buttons.

LED backlight employed

The "PAVV Bordeaux 950" and "780" are LCD TVs featuring LED backlights. The "950" is a 55-inch model, whereas 46- and 40-inch models are available with the "780." Samsung announced 70-inch LED backlit LCD TV in June 2007 and 52- and 57-inch models in October 2007.

Introducing LED backlights to the 40-inch class models, the company facilitates LED-backlit LCD TVs to spread, it said. These models feature a "chameleon LED backlight," Samsung's proprietary local dimming technology, to raise contrast and video properties.

All the new LCD and plasma TVs support YouTube browsing

The five LCD TV and three plasma TV products announced this time are all positioned as the company's "Library TVs," which support multimedia other than broadcasts. They allow the viewing of weather and market information, original user content and YouTube video clips using an Internet connection, as well as photos, music and video files using USB.

They can also be used to enjoy content stored in a PCs on the TV display by connecting the TVs and PCs over a DLNA network.

Each LCD TV features higher video quality driven at 120Hz, in addition to such video quality enhancement technologies as Speed Backlight, DNIe Pro and Wide Color Control Pro.