CEATEC JAPAN 2008 Aims at 210,000 Visitors

Jul 18, 2008
Keita Mochizuki, Tech-On!
The outline of CEATEC JAPAN 2008 was announced at a press conference July 17, 2008.
The outline of CEATEC JAPAN 2008 was announced at a press conference July 17, 2008.
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CEATEC JAPAN Management Office presented the outline of CEATEC JAPAN 2008, an annual exhibition participated by electronics and IT firms from all over the world, at a press conference July 17, 2008.

This year's exhibition, the 9th, will take place from Sept 30 to Oct 4, 2008, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The management office expects a record 210,000 visitors this year. The exhibition attracted a record 205,859 people last year.

CEATEC JAPAN is organized by Communications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ), Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ) and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).

As of July 17, 2008, the number of exhibitors is 538, an increase of 36 from the comparable period a year earlier. The final number of exhibitors reached 895 last year. So far, the number of booths is 2,932, up about 3% compared with that in the same period of 2007.

CEATEC JAPAN 2007 occupied all of the 11 halls in Makuhari Messe. But this year, only eight halls, from Hall 1 to 8, will be used for the exhibition.

In the last year, some visitors and exhibitors complained about a long distance that they had to walk in the event site. Therefore, for visitors' convenience, Hall 9-11, which are located separately from Hall 1-8, will not be used this year, the management office said.

However, the exhibition areas will be more efficiently used by locating rest areas and concession stands, which were placed in the halls in 2007, in parking areas and by changing the locations of passages.

Concerning special exhibits, Green IT Promotion Council will host its first "Green IT Pavilion," which will showcase energy-saving IT devices and the council's efforts on environmental protection.

One of the reasons why CEATEC JAPAN 2007 attracted the record number of visitors is that the number of the exhibits for the consumer public was increased last year. And this policy will continue to be followed this year. For example, digital contents companies presented its first "Digital Contents Pavilion" in 2007 and will host the same kind of special exhibit as "Digital Contents Business Park."

Furthermore, some exhibitors are considering changing their exhibits on the last day of the exhibition (Saturday) to attract families. For example, one exhibitor is planning an event where children can tear down electronics devices.