[TMS] Pioneer: IEEE1394 Automotive System Transmits Images w/o Delay

Nov 1, 2007
Yasuo Tanokura, Nikkei Electronics
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Pioneer Corp is demonstrating an automotive system to transmit images via IEEE1394 at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show.

Although the setup was showcased as an IEEE1394 system at the company's booth, it is "actually based on IDB-1394," a demonstrator said. IDB-1394 is an automotive interface standard that was developed based on IEEE1394.

When plurality of informational systems of various kinds, such as display and camera, are required to be connected with each other in a vehicle, the amount of cables for use can be reduced with the adoption of IDB-1394. This helps reduce the vehicle weight, etc.

Plastic optical fibers and twisted pair wires are used for the cables. While the adoption of MOST, a standard competing with IDB-1394, is spreading among auto manufacturers in Europe and other regions, IDB-1394 is yet to be commercialized. However, "some automotive manufacturers are interested in IDB-1394," the demonstrator added.

The latest system was jointly developed by Ibex Technology Co Ltd, Texas Instruments Inc and Yazaki Corp. In the demonstration performed at Pioneer's booth, the company uses a system composed of a Blue-ray Disc player and two large PDPs connected one another via one cable to display full-HD images supplied from the player on each PDP.

The exhibited system transmits data at 50Mbps whereas the maximum data transmission rate of IEEE1394 is 400Mbps. In general, a time lag of about 1sec is present between the images displayed on two PDPs due to the transmission delay between them. However, the company reportedly succeeded in reducing the transmission delay by combining IEEE1394 and MPEG-2 codec.

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