[FPD International] AUO Develops 1.9-inch LCD Panel w/ 0.69mm Thickness

Oct 19, 2007
Masao Oonishi, Nikkei Microdevices
The 1.9-inch LCD module measuring 0.69mm in thickness
The 1.9-inch LCD module measuring 0.69mm in thickness
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The 4.3-inch LCD module with touch panel
The 4.3-inch LCD module with touch panel
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AU Optronics Corp (AUO) of Taiwan developed a 1.9-inch LCD module with a slim profile of just 0.69mm.

The module is 13% thinner than a credit card, the company said. AUO also developed a 4.3-inch LCD module featuring touch panel operation. This module requires no calibration when in use.

0.69mm in thickness, 2.2g in weight

Last year, the company unveiled a 1.9-inch LCD panel measuring 1.3mm in thickness at FPD International 2006. This indicates that the thickness of the panel is reduced to approximately half in a single year.

Cutting-edge technologies for thickness reduction are employed to produce the glass substrate and the peripheral components, the company said. The module weighs 2.2g and has a luminance of 400cd/m2. It features slim profile and a good outdoor visibility.

Development of 4.3-inch module with touch panel function

The touch panel in the 4.3-inch LCD module is produced simultaneously with the LCD panel's TFT. As a result, the module measures only 2.2mm in thickness. It has a resolution of 480 × 272. Thanks to the high surface smoothness, the panel can provide a wide color gamut and a good readability when used outdoors.

The product does not require calibration unlike other existing panels of this kind. Furthermore, the latest panel has a function to simultaneously detect multiple points so that motions, such as sliding the finger on the panel, can be detected without fail. Volume production is planned for 2008.

AUO plans to demonstrate these two panels at FPD International 2007 from Oct 24, 2007, in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan.

2D/3D dual-image panel for the automotive application

The company will also exhibit a 7-inch 2D/3D dual-image panel for the automotive application. The panel is able to separately display 2D and 3D images in two directions at the same time. With this dual-image function, the passenger can enjoy playing 3D games while the driver is watching the navigation screen, for example.

The company will also demonstrate a 2.2-inch panel for use in mobile devices equipped with mobile industry processor interface (MIPI), which provides a high-speed data transfer capability and an effective power management system. The interface is being developed as the platform for smartphone, etc.

A variety of AUO's proprietary LCD panel technologies for mobile devices have also been used to manufacture a 2.4-inch VGA panel with a 3,500:1 contrast ratio and 450cd/m2 luminance, as well as a 2.4-inch VGA panel with 100% NTSC compatibility and a 2.8-inch panel with a built-in light sensor, which offers up to 50% power saving by adjusting the luminance in accordance with the ambient light intensity.