[FPD International] LG.Philips LCD Develops a-Si TFT-LCD Mobile Phone Panel with "Thinnest" Border

Oct 16, 2007
Nikkei Electronics Asia
2.4-Inch a-Si TFT-LCD Panel
2.4-Inch a-Si TFT-LCD Panel
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LG.Philips LCD has developed a-Si TFT-LCD mobile phone panel with the borders on the left and right sides measuring just 1mm each. This is claimed to be about 50% thinner than most a-Si TFT-LCD panels currently produced, which generally have borders measuring closer to 2mm.

The display is developed based on Narrow Bezel Technology, combining Gate in Panel technology (GIP), which integrates the driver IC onto the LCD panel, and new process and material technologies designed to ensure that narrow-border panels are equal in quality and reliability to their wider counterparts.

By narrowing the borders on either size of the panel, the company was able to increase display area by a full 10%, allowing electronics makers to incorporate panels with much larger viewable areas into existing product frames.

LG.Philips LCD plans to start mass production of these new panels next year. The company will also apply the same technology to other models to expand its lineup of slim border products.

The LCD panel will be exhibited at FPD International 2007, which opens Oct 24, 2007, in Yokohama City, Japan.