[TMS] Toyota Auto Body to Show 'World's 1st' Electric Car Using Bio-plastics

Oct 12, 2007
Saeko Kushitani, Nikkei Automotive Technology
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Toyota Auto Body Co. Ltd. has announced it will present four concept cars at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. The concept cars are the "VOXY Bi-TREK," "Mobile Trimmer," "Trans-Pit" and "COMS BP."

The COMS BP is a small electric vehicle that uses bio plastics derived from plants for some of its body parts, including the hood, pillars and roof. This will be the COMS BP's world premiere.

The VOXY Bi-TREK is based on the "TRANS-X" 5-seater model of Toyota "VOXY" van and combines a motor-driven second row seat and an interior cargo cover with it. This van can be arranged into four modes, including one with the rear row seats turned around to use the rear space as a living room, for example, said the company.

The Mobile Trimmer is a mobile pet trimmer shop model based on Toyota "HIACE Super Long." Targeting pets such as cats and dogs, the van is equipped with facilities for trimming and shampooing.

The Trans-Pit is Toyota "HIACE Wide Super GL" equipped with a power lift for loading and unloading of a motorcycle and a functionally designed instrument panel.