[CEATEC] Matsushita to Release Recorders with 45nm-process UniPhier LSI

Oct 3, 2007
Naoki Asakawa, Nikkei Electronics
"DIGA," which compresses digital broadcast signals by about 75%, announced at CEATEC
"DIGA," which compresses digital broadcast signals by about 75%, announced at CEATEC
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. will release six types of recorders that have a 45nm-process LSI for the first time as consumer products. The release date is set for Nov. 1, 2007.

Each of the three Blu-ray Disc recorders and three DVD recorders can recompress digital broadcast signals into MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile format in real time.

By using an H.264 encoder mounted on a "UniPhier LSI," which was developed in 45nm process for digital audio-video equipments, the recorders compress video data of up to 1920 × 1080i size by about 75% without changing the number of pixels.

When recording on a one-sided two-layer Blu-ray disk (50GB), the new products can record 18 hours of digital broadcasting with the coding rate of 5.7Mbps.

The recompressed H.264 videos can be recorded on a Blu-ray disc, HDD and DVD. When a video is recorded on a DVD, "AVCREC," a new format developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, is used.

In the AVCREC format, videos are recorded on CPRM-compatible DVDs in the BDAV format (comparable to DVD-VR for DVD). As a copyright protection format, AACS is adopted. AVCHD videos recorded by camcorders on SD memory cards can be copied to DVDs in the AVCREC format.

The Blu-ray Disc recorders to be released are "DMR-BW900" with a 1TB HDD, "DMR-BW800" with a 500GB HDD and "DMR-BW700" with a 250GB HDD. The maximum recording speed on a BD-R is 4x. Their expected shop prices are about 300,000 yen (USD 2,593), 230,000 yen and 180,000 yen, respectively.

The DVD recorders are "DMR-XW300" with a 500GB HDD, "DMR-XW100" with a 250GB HDD and "DMR-XW200V," which is equipped with a VHS recorder in addition to a 250GB HDD. The expected shop prices are about 130,000 yen, 100,000 yen and 130,000 yen, respectively.