[TMS] Nissan to Display 'GT-R,' Opens Special Site for Related Information

Sep 27, 2007
Saeko Kushitani, Nikkei Automotive Technology
The Nissan GT-R (with masks on)
The Nissan GT-R (with masks on)
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Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has announced it will exhibit its brand-new "Nissan GT-R" at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. After releasing the automobile in the Japanese market in December 2007, Nissan will gradually extend the model to overseas markets.

The name of the model has been "Skyline GT-R," but in view of the model's global introduction, the company has decided to crown the name with "Nissan" to represent the company's flagship car. Pricing will be above 7.5 million yen, Nissan said.

Nissan also opened a special Web site (www.gtrnissan.com) Sept. 26, 2007 to provide part of related information ahead of the GT-R's market debut and started receiving advance orders the same day. In addition, Nissan will enhance its service structure by setting up 160 Nissan High Performance Centers across Japan by the time it will release the GT-R.