Kyocera Finds CCD Defect in Digicams, Provide Free Repair for Target Models until March 2010

Feb 5, 2007
Takeyoshi Yamada, Nikkei Electronics
One of the targeted models, "Finecam SL400R"
One of the targeted models, "Finecam SL400R"
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On February 2, 2007, Kyocera Corp. announced that malfunctions such as no image or distorted image display on the LCD screen might rarely occur to some units of its three digital camera models released in March 2004 due to a defect in their CCDs. If such malfunctions caused by the CCD defect occur to target models, the company will provide repair free of charge until March 2010. Kyocera will also offer free checkup of target models through its customer service center and repair them if the abovementioned malfunctions are likely to occur to them.

Target products are the "Finecam M400R," "M410R" and "SL400R" released in March 2004. Kyocera, however, has not specified job numbers and manufactured time of these products concerned to have the defect. The company decided to offer free repair until March 2010, five years from the termination of the three models' production, for which the company guarantees to keep components for repair.

Other recent CCD defects, which led to free repair of digicam products, include Sony Corp.'s eight models in November 2006 and Nikon Corp.'s four models announced in the same manner as Kyocera's on January 30, 2007. Kyocera has not specified the manufacturer of the CCD used in the target models for free repair, but the stated malfunctions and the cause are mostly the same as Sony and Nikon's announcement. For this reason, Kyocera's controversial digicams are highly likely to have used Sony's CCD.