Fujitsu Exhibits 4,096 Color E-Paper

Oct 5, 2006
Hiroto Kaneko, Nikkei Personal Computing
The e-paper showcased: The 7.8-inch model boasts 640 x 480 dots resolution.
The e-paper showcased: The 7.8-inch model boasts 640 x 480 dots resolution.
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Fujitsu Ltd. is demonstrating a prototype electronic paper capable of displaying 4,096 colors at the "CEATEC JAPAN 2006" event being held at the Makuhari Messe international convention complex in Chiba City. The company plans to commercialize the prototype within about two years.

The prototype is a 7.8-inch model measuring about 0.9 mm in thickness with a display size of 120 x 160 mm that boasts a 640 x 480 dots resolution, i.e. approximately 110 dpi. It is composed of three cholesteric liquid crystal films attached to one another, which films respectively reflect red, green and blue lights to enable color representation.

According to the company, the most number of voices from those who answered questionnaire for its previous prototype electronic papers showed they felt like using it as the so-called POS advertisement to display prices of goods and such. Therefore, "we designed the latest prototype to be used as an electronic book viewer as we wished to develop its uses for individual users," says a Fujitsu demonstrator. At the exhibition, the prototype was displaying electronic books, advertising circulars and others, while switching over from one to another every few seconds. As for the production cost, the demonstrator explains: "It may sound like a chicken and egg argument, but we believe price reduction is possible as we achieve the economies of mass production."