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In this era of constant change, growth and competition, Japan's most prestigious business publication provider Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. brings English-language tech info from Japanese manufacturers to the world via the Japan Technology Report (JTR). The for-purchase resource adds to the information available from Japan for interested individuals, think-tanks, industry players, consultants and Universities. Nikkei BP's 200 plus exclusive technical writers have un-equaled access to decision makers and R&D heads at Japan's cutting edge manufacturers, etc., firms so the JTR content is fully unique and was only available in Japanese until now.

Sources and Methodology

Japan Technology Report is sourced from highly specialized and Nikkei BP-exclusive technical writers who provide English-language reports stemming from direct, one-on-one interviews about the technology being discovered and developed in both domestic and international research centers and factories.

Tailored to the needs of those interested in various aspects and viewpoints about Japan Tech, Japan Technology Report sheds light on information that, to date, was available primarily via academic conferences, seminars or publications for highly specialized and limited audiences. Reports include tables, graphs, test results and more. Please take a look below at the current titles and click the title to see a sample of each available report. There is also one report available free of charge for reference. Your inquiries and feedback are always welcome by contacting us here.

How to purchase and pricing:

- Follow these directions to purchase and download your report.
- Reports from 2014 are also available as a bulk order for a discounted rate.

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Nikkei Business Publications is the best know name in Business Publications in Japan. A cross-media company providing businesspeople with high value-added information on management, technology, and life, Nikkei BP produces the most trusted business information publication in Japan, "Nikkei Business" as well as other titles such as "Nikkei Woman", "Nikkei Medical", "Nikkei Trendy", etc. Nikkei BP founds and bolsters the business knowledge base of professionals throughout the country and is seeking to bring the world more English-based information from Japan. Nikkei BP's absolute editorial advantage lies in its staff writers, a team of highly specialized in-house journalists. These writers include those qualified in Information Processing Engineering and other specialized backgrounds. Nikkei BP journalists gather information first-hand from their personal network of resources and are able to swiftly write quality articles in a clear, concise style.